Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cruising: Victoria, B.C. (or so we thought)

Our last day of the cruise had finally arrived. We were supposed to stop in Victoria, British Columbia. I was pretty excited to check out the Miniature Museum and go on a Ghost Tour. However, as we were cruising along the captain came on over the speakers and announced that our ship had a technical difficulty that did not allow the ship to proceed at full speed. In other words, we would not make it to Victoria with enough time to get off the ship. Bummer!

While on the ship this last day, we filled our time with Bingo, game shows, reading and eating (of course). 

I'm currently reading Monuments Men
A couple down the hall from us were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on this trip! Isn't that wonderful to see?
No winning Bingo cards today
Charles played in the Yes or No game show and won! He had to go 3 minutes without saying yes or no and without shaking his head. It looked pretty hard.
The ship still had to stop at the Victoria port, as per their agreement, so we did get to see the coastline. Maybe one day we will return.

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