Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cruising: Glacier Bay

Our next day at sea was spent cruising through Glacier Bay National Park. Our ship arrived in the bay super early that morning and some park rangers boarded to be on deck pointing out all the interesting things about the park. We slept in a little, but still saw some nice scenery.

We saw one of the glacier calve a couple times. I did not know at the time of viewing this happening that it was not an everyday occurrence. But later, during a seminar, we learned it was a spectacular showing.

We have a bunch of pictures of this ice calving. It's neat to view them like a flip book to see the action.
I was hoping to see some wildlife in the bay. We did see some harbor seals and sea otter. Although they were very far away and I could barely see them even with binoculars.

Oh, and we saw a ton of seagulls hoping to snatch food off of the passengers' balconies.
As we were leaving the bay, we were told we might see some humpback whales. But we did not see any. Oh well!


It was just a little chilly
The park ranger boat pulling up alongside the cruise ship so the rangers can climb down and go back

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