Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spouses Night Out: Mad Men

If you remember from this post, I helped plan some tables for the annual Spouses Night Out at our base. The event was a couple weeks ago and pictures were posted the other day, so I am happy to share them with you.

Our group's theme was Mad Men and we filled our three tables with great vintage items.

The first table was based on the office or work part of the show. We featured a bar cart, coat rack and office items. I searched far and wide for a bar cart and am happy to have found the one we used. Now it lives in my house. One of the girls found the typewriter for only $10! What a deal! Also, a local antique store let us borrow a bunch of items for free--rotary phone, really neat lighters, ash trays, and other bar items. You can't really see the ads we printed out, but we used ads that were related to men likes ties and office furniture.

The second table was based on the home life in the series. It had a TV tray, ironing board and lots of kitchen items on it.This table featured ads related to the home like cereal, clothes, and appliances.

Our third table was kind of a short-notice addition. I decided to make it travel themed because our master bedroom has a lot of vintage-style travel ads. Plus I have a Pan Am bag (not original, but in the style). These ads obviously dealt with travel.

We could bring "treats" to share at the event. On one episode, they made stuffed celery for a party; I thought that would be a great treat to share. Plus it was really easy to make! Everyone said the stuffed celery was tasty. I also made a jell-o mold, but it was not eaten...just for looks. 

Everyone was encouraged to dress to the theme and our girls did a great job! We are lucky to have a neat vintage clothing shop near the base and the owner was super helpful. Luckily I already had a dress and shoes to wear. I replicated the Betty Draper hair the best I could.

The other table themes were: The Flintstones, Downton Abbey, The Price is Right, Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty, Miss America, Project Runway, Survivor, Bones, Batman, Once Upon a Time, The Office, and Monday Night Football. Everyone did a wonderful job. The Flintstones, for example, actually built a Flintstones car.

They announced next year's theme at the end of the night. It is board games! A couple of us already have started thinking about how big we can make it!

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