Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mad Men

Next month, the base is having their 2nd annual Spouses' Night Out. Each squadron can decorate a table according to the theme. This year's theme is TV shows. Our group voted on Mad Men. Shortly afterward, I was asked to head up the planning. Of course I agreed. I love projects! I am realizing that when I have a project I become slightly obsessed. I have already re-watched the first season and even had a dream about our table.

If you have never watched the show, it takes place in the 1960's and focuses on advertising men on Madison Avenue. Hence, Mad Men. I started watching the show a few years ago and I keep watching it. Honestly, I have no idea why. I do not really like any of the characters, but I think I keep watching to see if they will become better people. I do love the clothes, home decor and such affiliated with the 1960's.

I have to say thank goodness for Pinterest! It has been a great tool to organize all my ideas for this event. You can check out my board here!

The challenge with this table is that some of the accessories we want are vintage and either expensive or hard to come by. For example, we definitely need a typewriter and an old rotary phone. Typewriters can be $100+. Some creativity will definitely have to come into play.

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