Thursday, October 10, 2013


This past weekend my friend Angela and I participated in a 5k called Color Me Rad. A lot of people have probably heard of the Color Run. From what I understand Color Me Rad is the same thing.

The race was in Columbus so we had to leave super early. I set my alarm for 6:05am. I woke up at some point and turned over to see what time it was. It was 6:30am. I accidentally set my alarm for PM. Oops! Angela and Matt were picking me up at 6:45. Luckily I had everything laid out and ready to go. I quickly got dressed and grabbed some water and a snack for the road.

We arrived around 8am for packet pickup. Our wave started at 9:30am. Before the race, they had a Zumba warmup. I've never done Zumba and I am not very coordinated, but it was fun to try out. They were throwing out color bombs so our white shirts were well colored even before the race.

I am not a runner, so I probably walked more than ran throughout the 5k. Part of the race was through the local town, which was pretty quaint. The rest of the race was through the fairgrounds which included some pretty tall, thick grass. That was not expected and made it a little tough.

We finished in around 43 minutes and were well colored.

I wasn't sure about the whole idea. I had a friend who did a similar run and wasn't pleased. Who wants to run through clouds of colored cornstarch? :) But I had a blast! It helped having a great running partner who was fine going at my pace.

Afterward, we cleaned up as best we could with wet washcloths and towels, changed our shirts and headed to the Mellow Mushroom. Yum! We got some funny looks with our blue arms and colorful hair. 

Pre-race. Love our homemade tu-tus??? Super easy to make!

After Zumba warm-up

Angela's boyfriend Matt made a good groupie and photographer.

Post race!

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