Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vacation planning life has been pretty uneventful lately. Last week I had a stomach bug or something and had no motivation to do anything! I do not get sick very often, so when I do it is quite annoying. It is even worse when you don't have anyone around that can run to the store and pick up things like chicken soup.

I do have an upcoming vacation that I am pretty excited about. Next month I'll be flying down to Texas to see my love! I hate the long distance marriage thing we have going on at the moment, but it will be nice to spend a few days with him.

I'll be flying into the small town he lives in. Then over the weekend, we are going to visit Fredericksburg, TX. This seems like a small town and I've only driven through it once. My mom and sister visited before and seemed to like it. For being (in my mind) a small town, they have a ridiculous amount of B&B's.

We just booked our lodging and will be staying at Walnut Canyon Cabins. They have all 5 circles on Tripadvisor. I think everyone who has ever reviewed them on Tripadvisor gave them a perfect 5 circles. It better be good! I picked this place partly because it seemed in the middle of nowhere. Charles likes to camp and I don't, so I thought this would be a good compromise. There is still air conditioning and a real bed! But we have nature right outside the cabin. It should be romantic.

I'm not 100% sure what we'll do while in Fredericksburg. They have a cute Main Street with shops and restaurants. There is a brewery we will probably check out. While I don't drink beer, Charles enjoys trying different kinds. And we will probably visit a state park and maybe a museum or two. I'm glad excited to spend time with him, but a mini vacation is always good!

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  1. Fredericksburg is a diamond in the Texas hill country! Looks like you did your homework, they have tons of shops and since they are not too far from Austin, yes there are lots of B&B's.
    Have fun and enjoy your trip to Texas!!