Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Event planning

As part of my job, I am in charge of organizing our resident events each month. Since being in charge of this, I've tried to plan some new and different things to appeal to a larger variety of people.

My latest venture is the largest event we have ever planned. Luckily I have a whole committee of people helping me out. We are organizing a patriotic themed festival. There is so much that goes into an event like this. I don't think I even realized it before starting.

I hoping it will be a successful and fun event. We have a food food vendors, game booths, pony rides, bouncy houses, prizes, a clown and more. If you think about me on Friday, say a little prayer. I'm hoping for gorgeous weather, a good crowd and lots of fun!

For most of our game booths we are doing Minute to Win It games. This should be really easy to accomplish and a lot of fun. I've seen it all over Pinterest. Here are a few of the games we are going to attempt:

Baby Rattle: for this game you have 2 liters taped together with gumballs inside. The goal is to get all the gumballs from one bottle to the other in less than a minute by shaking. You have one in each hand. It will probably be loud, but I'm interested to see how challenging this is.

Dizzy Mummy: I think this one will be tougher than I originally thought. You have to somehow wrap yourself in toilet paper without breaking the toilet paper.

Hanky Panky: you have to pull all the tissues out of a tissue box using only one hand in under a minute

Suck it up: you have to transport M&M's one at a time by sucking them up with a straw. 

Football Toss: cut holes into a tarp as targets for footballs

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