Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Ohio Caverns

Typically on the weekend, Charles and I sit around and ask what the other wants to do. Usually we ask that several times and then settle on going to Target and dinner. We're pretty boring.

On Friday night, I started the round of questions. This time, Charles already had a plan but he wanted to keep it a secret. Being the girl, I had to ask what kind of clothes would it require. He told me normal clothes, which did not help me figure anything out.

On Saturday, we got ready for the day and got in the car. Charles asked if I wanted to bring my mp3 player so I knew it would be a longer drive than to our normal weekend hot spots. We plugged it in and went on our way. Eventually, we saw a big sign for Ohio Caverns. That was the surprise outing!

When we arrived, we bought our tour tickets and walked around the gift shop until the tour was ready to start. There were a few other groups going down with us, so it wasn't too crowded. The tour was about an hour or so long and took us about 9 or 10 stories under ground. The caverns were really interesting with lots of natural beauties. We even saw many bats. Luckily, none hit me while flying around.

If you're ever in the Dayton area, the Ohio Caverns would be a nice side-trip to make. Very pretty and would be even better in the spring or summer. The Caverns are near some great farm land and there is a lot of good picnic space in the park. It was a little too chilly for us yesterday.

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