Saturday, October 13, 2012

New car!

Our beloved Ford Focus, Scout, has been traded in for a new car. Scout was a my first car and a good one at that.  Even though it was dark green, it felt like a girl so I named it after Scout, the character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

A few years later, I got my sister's VW Beetle and Charles bought the Focus from my Dad. It was nice to keep it in the family.

But it was time for a new one. Charles has been looking for months now. He is definitely a thoughtful car shopper. We found an awesome deal on a certified used Honda Insight and couldn't pass it up. After 4 hours at the dealership, we drove home our new car with an awesome interest rate on a loan.

This is Charles' car and I'll probably hardly ever drive it. But in a couple years, it may be my turn for a new car! I have my eyes on a Chevy Spark (in Lemonade) or a Toyota Yaris.

If you need car buying tips, do not come to me. We hardly did anything because it was priced so low. And I just sat back and let Charles handle everything. 


  1. Charles’ new car looks awesome! I think all the time he took to decide on the right car to buy paid off. Do you have any plans to name this one as well, like you did with Scout? And what did you do with Charles’ old Ford?

  2. Thank you! I think Charles plans on naming his new car. My first step is determining if the car is a girl or boy. He wasn't sure what he thought yet. We just traded in his car at the dealership. We got next to nothing for it, but we were offered what we expected to get for it. But my husband is definitely in love with his new car and he deserves to have a nice one!