Friday, October 5, 2012

Italian food

Being a quarter Italian makes it a requirement that I must love Italian food. Thankfully, I do so willingly. For our anniversary, I thought we would try a local Italian restaurant called Mama DiSalvo.

We made a reservation, per the recommendation of my co-workers. The restaurant is in a strip mall, but the inside is very Italian-esque.

We ordered fried mozzarella for an appetizer and the meal came with bread. Charles ordered vegetarian lasagne and I had my usual, chicken parm. The meal was good, but I've come to realize I've eaten at the best Italian restaurant and I compare all others to that one.
The best Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at was in Humble, TX (outside of Houston). The place is called Italiano's and is AMAZING! They served garlic knots that are dripping in buttery-garlic sauce. Everything I ever ate there was delicious! I think that was the only thing we really loved about living in Texas. I miss that place every time I'm craving really good Italian food.

Here's to finding your own Italiano's!

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