Friday, September 14, 2012

Other places we ate in San Fran

I enjoy food and scoping out the best places to eat while on vacation. I also love the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives from The Food Network. That show has made finding good places to eat in other cities a little easier. I also utilize TripAdvisor like crazy when trip planning.

I knew from watching numerous episodes of DDD that he has been to MANY places in the San Francisco area. I think residents of San Fran really love to eat. They have to eat well to walk all the crazy hilly streets!

The first place we tried was Dottie's. We walked a couple miles to get there and when we arrived there was a line out the door. As you may know from previous posts, Charles hates lines! I was half expecting him to say he didn't want to wait and to go somewhere else. But surprisingly (and thankfully) he stuck it out. The restaurant had a neat atmosphere and great specials listed! We had a breakfast appetizer of a coconut chocolate chip muffin. It was huge, so it was good that we shared. And it was delicious! The coconut was toasted and yummy! I ordered their famous pancakes which are flavored with ginger and cinnamon. AMAZING! And they make it even better by serving with real maple syrup. I'm a little bit of a syrup snob. I hate the fake stuff.

Charles ordered the Pulled pork, roasted onion and jack cheese scramble. It wasn't something I would order, but he really enjoyed it.  I'm not a huge savory breakfast kind of person. It came with a side of salsa and tortillas.

The next place we tried was in San Anselmo, across the bridge from San Francisco. The restaurant was Bubba's Fine Dining. We went for breakfast. I ordered hot chocolate which came in a glass milkshake cup. I thought that was cute. For my entree, I had the Creme Brulee French Toast. It had a nice crunch on it and was served with real maple syrup. The restaurant played oldies the whole time and had a neat counter, as you can see in the picture. It was a cozy little restaurant, but it was really great!

A totally random, drive-by pick was Pizza Orgasmica. We had just picked up the in-laws and brother-in-law from the airport and got across the Golden Gate Bridge and we were all hungry and craving pizza. We saw this place and thought the name was a little risque, but tried it anyway. Plus, they had parking available. It seemed like a very family-oriented restaurant. In the back, they had a huge section for families with kid tables and toys. In the main part of the restaurant, in addition to regular tables, they had ones that sat low to the ground with cushions instead of chairs. It was a little "hippy", but would be fun for kids.

We all ordered pizza. Charles and I split a Hula Hula. It was pretty good! I prefer the Hula Hula at a pizza place near us (Spinozas), but this satisfied my pizza craving just fine. I ate three whole slices, which is a lot for me to eat. 

From looking at their website while writing this post, they have several locations in the San Francisco area. We visited the one in San Rafael.

Another place we stopped at was not featured on DDD, but was something my father-in-law insisted that we visit. It was the Marin French Cheese Factory. When he was growing up, they went at least once a month. It's just a little shop that sells cheese and such. We bought some french bread pieces, original brie, and some other kind of cheese spread (I can't remember the name of it). They have a little lake with picnic tables surrounding it. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we sat outside to enjoy our cheese and the company. It was very good cheese! The cheese spread was flavored with garlic and was similar to cream cheese, but a little chunky. It's hard to explain. It was a bit of a drive to get out there, but it was a good experience.

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