Monday, April 2, 2012

Depression Glass

Last night, after already breaking another glass, our kitties broke my husband's favorite drinking glass. I'm not sure what about this cup he loves so much, but he took it from his parent's house and it has moved with us several times already.

I got online and tried to find this glass since he liked it so much. Turns out the glass is an antique tumbler. Who knew? Here's what the cup looks like:
We learned that it was made by Anchor Hocking. It is considered Depression Glass. According to Wikipedia, Depression Glass is clear or translucent glassware that was distributed for free, or low cost, in the US around the time of the Depression. It was kind of an incentive to buy another product. I remember reading about it last night and it gave the example of a movie theater offering some with a purchase of two movie tickets.

I actually found one for sale on Ebay! I think Charles was really happy I was able to find another one. Now if I could find a few more then we would be safe in case of another breakage. That is my mission now.

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