Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Thanksgiving Lineup

This year's Thanksgiving is going to be a little different for us. Usually, we spend at least part of the day with family. Our first married Thanksgiving, I made the dinner and then we went over to my parents' house in the evening for pie. Our 2nd Thanksgiving was spent with my in-laws and last Thanksgiving we were at my parents' house again. This year, we are having Thanksgiving dinner with some friends.

Since we're having Thanksgiving with them, we get to split up food duties. Luckily I am no way involved with making a turkey. I've never made a whole turkey and the whole process is very intimidating to me. Here's what we're bringing: mashed potatoes and gravy, Caramel Apple Pie, Sweet Potato Casserole and Raspberry Cranberry Jello Salad.

I will post about the Caramel Apple Pie and the Raspberry Cranberry Jello salad later this week. Both are super delicious!

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