Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stores I wish were closer

Before moving to Dayton, I thought "Dayton...I've heard of it, so it must be a fairly big city". Therefore, my conclusion was that they would have all the stores I enjoy shopping at. For the most part, they do. They have Target, Old Navy, DSW, Michael's, etc. However, I wish they had the following:

- World Market. Charles and I love going to World Market. They always have such neat stuff and great candy! Their furniture is beautiful, too. If I had a million dollars, I know a few things I would love to buy from them.

- H&M. I've never actually lived somewhere near an H&M. I take that back...when I was a kid (think 4-7 years old), we lived in Stuttgart, Germany and they had an H&M. I was not, however, in charge of picking out my clothes then. My first adult experience with H&M was when Charles had an internship in D.C. and we went. They had such cute clothes! Last summer, when we visited Stuttgart, we went to H&M. But I was with Charles and his brother so the shopping was just a mere peeking in and admiring all the cute inexpensive clothes.

-Ikea. The closest one is in Cincinnati which isn't that far from here...only about an hour. But it's just far enough that I don't want to drive there unless I'm absolutely sure I'm going to purchase something. There are some pieces of furniture that I would love to have from Ikea and some things that I want to check out, but it's just not time to commit.

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