Monday, July 4, 2011

Stolen Project--Yarn Wreath

A week or two ago, my friend posted a Yarn Wreath for the 4th of July on her blog, Grits and Giggles. I loved the idea and I wanted a wreath that I could use right before and after 4th of July. I love to decorate for the holidays, but I was missing a summer wreath. So, I took her idea and made my own. It's so simple. Mine is a little different from her's because she used fabric to make ruffle flowers and I used ribbon. I saw a tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers on another blog I follow.

Materials needed:
- foam wreath
- bundle of yarn
- ribbon (I used 2 different colors)
- buttons

Cover the foam wreath with the yarn. I used the whole bundle which meant I went around the wreath with it several times. This part is a little tedious, but if you need a mind-numbing activity, this is it! At the end, just tie the end in the back.

To make the ribbon flowers, check out Kojo Designs. They are really easy to make. I used two different colors and I made two of each color. On her tutorial, she said to make them 8 inches long. I did that for the yellow ones. For the green, I made one 12 inches long and one 10 inches long. I wanted to experiment with the different lengths. But I don't think it really matters all that much.

Once you're done with the flowers, arrange them on the wreath. Hot glue a button to be the center of the flower and then hot glue the flowers to the wreath.

Finished wreath
Cute ribbon flowers

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