Friday, June 24, 2011

Gardening virgin

I've never really been into the gardening thing and until we moved here I've never had a place to do any gardening. I don't have a particularly green thumb, but our two house plants that we purchased at Ikea when we lived in Houston are still alive which is very encouraging.

Our townhouse has two flower beds in the front. One has a giant Fire Bush (at least that's what my neighbor said it was called). But the front of that bed and the flower bed under the front window are completely empty. Yesterday, Charles and I finally went to Home Depot (I'm usually a Lowe's girl, but Home Depot is closer). We purchased 4 plants--white daisies and another flower that looks like daisies but are Winthrop colors! My original idea was to plant them in the bed under the front window, but Charles wants to get some bushes or something green to plant there first. So I planted them in front of the fire bush.

I had a hell of a time digging the holes for these flowers. The ground was already wet from the past two days' rain. And it was very clay-like. And once I got like 4-5 inches deep, it was all rock. Very tough, but I got all 4 holes dug and the plants planted. Now I'm hoping they'll live. Then I can feel confident enough to move on to the next flower bed.

I'll post pictures of my flowers once I get some new mulch. It desperately needs it to look pretty.

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