Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to work...kind of

While I was living in Rock Hill, I worked for Libby. She owns the Celebration Cottage which is a super cute little shop and small event venue. She loves me to pieces! She's not as technologically savvy so I did a lot of things for her like creating a Constant Contact database, creating e-blasts, helping update her websites for her three businesses (the Cottage, Miss Libby's Tea Parties and Etiquette School of the Piedmont).

When I moved, she was very sad. I did a lot of things for that she didn't even realize I did. And I did a lot of things without her even having to ask. I'm just good like that. :) When I left, there wasn't really anyone to fill my shoes. Recently, she offered to pay me a small fee each month to continue creating her e-blasts and update her websites from time to time. Since I don't have any other job and I know she needs the help, I said yes.

Today, I've been sitting in our recliner in the living room for the past 3-4 hours working on two of her websites. They were both designed by someone else before I started working for Libby. They looked very cute, but the way they were designed limited me from adding new information easily as Libby's businesses expand. So I had to revamp them. Hence 3-4 hours of work. I'm not a website designer or graphic designer. The websites aren't fancy or fabulous, but they have all the up-to-date information and that's basically what she needs. But I'm proud of my work. Here are the three websites that I created for her:

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