Monday, May 2, 2011


On Saturday, we were out running errands and we decided to go to Petsmart. We love going there occasionally to see what kitties they have for adoption. We saw two little black brother kittens that were super cute. We left Petsmart and went about our day. Later that evening, we went out to dinner for date night and afterward decided to go back to Petsmart to see if they were still there. It took a little convincing. Charles is very deliberative and likes to take his time making decisions. When we went back they were still there. We walked in the little room where the cages were and they immediately meowed at us like they remembered who we were. Charles' deal was get both of them or neither. He didn't want to separate the brothers. And I could not argue with that.

It's a very easy process to adopt a kitten that is being housed at Petsmart. I wasn't sure what to expect. All we did was fill out some paperwork and that was it. After going through the cat section getting some kitty necessities, we checked out and brought them home.

They are so precious and tiny. We have named them Calvin and Hobbes, after Charles' favorite comic strip characters. Calvin is very adventurous, but a little jumpy when startled. Hobbes is very cuddly, but we think he is sick or has allergies. His eyes have been very watery and itchy. He has also been sneezing a lot. He loves to sit with me and sleep on me. He'll meow and that's his way of telling me that he's ready to cuddle.

Since they are both black, they are hard to tell apart in the pictures. Right now it's easy for us to distinguish them apart because of Hobbes' watery eyes. Hopefully they'll both grow into some unique features to make it a little easier. 

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