Monday, May 8, 2017

Did I mention we adopted a dog?

As you can see my blogging has been pretty lax lately. I guess I just haven't been inspired to compose blog posts lately. Plus I have been busy working in our yard making it match my visions and plans. Gardening can take up a lot of time!

But that is beside the point. Part of this blog is to share what has been going on in our lives and a big event was adopting a dog! Charles has been wanting a dog, specifically a retired greyhound, for years now. We almost adopted one when we were stationed in Ohio. But since we had just adopted the kitties and because they were so small, it was not the best time to bring a greyhound into our household. Racing greyhounds are used to chasing small prey during the course, so the greyhound adoption group thought it could be a dangerous combination with small cats and a retired racer.

When we moved here and purchased a home, I figured it was time for Charles' wish to come true. We worked with a group based out of Columbia, SC. They pick up dogs from race tracks in Orlando, FL and bring them back for a bit of fostering while they adjust to the post-racing lifestyle.

My ideal greyhound was 1) female 2) smaller in size and 3) Brindle coloring. Luckily, the greyhound rescue group had that exact dog for us! It worked out perfectly.

Meet Suzie Q! If you're a fan of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, you will remember that there is a character named Susie. But Charles is also a big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revivial, so we combined the names from the comic strip and the song.

The morning after we brought her home, we all participated in a 5k on base. We intended just to walk the course, but once she saw everyone running she had to jog, also. She became tired about half way through and we walked the rest of the way.

Greyhounds have very low body fat compared to other dog breeds so jammies and jackets are necessary in cold weather or in air conditioned places. We bought these cupcake jammies on Etsy. Aren't they adorable?

Suzie has taken over the loveseat and claimed it as her own.

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