Saturday, July 2, 2016

Easy Scrapbooking: Europe

Several years ago, Charles and I took a trip to Europe. We flew into Belgium and visited Brugge, Amsterdam, Dublin, Cologne and Stuttgart. For my scrapbook spread of the trip I was trying to think of something to tie all the pages together. I found a cute cut out on Silhouette of train tracks. They had several different ones and they were perfect! European travel often includes the train.

When we first arrived in Belgium, we had to get on a train to Brugge. We boarded the train and rode. It eventually stopped, but not at our final destination. It stopped and just stayed there for what felt like forever. We had no idea what city we were stopped at except that it wasn't Brugge. We weren't sure what to do and there were absolutely no other people around. Eventually the train started back up and headed back the way we had come from. We realized we had to get off at the stop in-between to change trains to get to Brugge. 

This is just the Amsterdam two-page spread, but it gives you an idea of what I did. Each city had a coordinating color scheme and each utilized a train track.

Whenever I scrapbook trips that use up more than two pages I like to have something that ties them together. I will either use the exact same patterned or colored paper for all the pages or do a similar accent. 

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