Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lavender Ranch

My good friend, Emily, and I visited the Lavender Ranch yesterday. It was recommend by a mutual friend and was located about an hour from us. It was a lovely drive and the ranch was gorgeous. We had a walking tour through the fields. Our tour guide gave us a lot of interesting information about the ranch and the different plants they grow. There are so many great uses for lavender. One thing I learned was that you can put lavender essential oil on grease burns to prevent blisters. It is also a natural pest repellent. I loved that their ranch was all organic!

As our tour was ending, a group from Texas, Georgia and other southern places were coming up for their own tour. It was nice chatting with the older ladies about the south, especially my hometown.

The gift shop had some amazing products! I ended up leaving with a peppermint & rosemary body wash and some lavender spray deodorant. The body wash smelled so amazing! Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils.

The old silos were a beautiful background for pictures. I wish I had brought my real camera instead of just my cell phone.

Some of the pickings from our tour. They grow three types of lavender and several other types of plants

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