Tuesday, April 12, 2016


My good friend, Ciara, shared a video on Facebook from the creator of Dressember. To be honest, I hardly ever watch videos people share on Facebook. But I actually watched this one and it inspired me.

Dressember is a campaign that takes place during the month of December. Participants wear a dress every day that month to raise awareness and money for charities working to fight human trafficking.

As you know, in college I was in a sorority called Alpha Omega. After I graduated, they adopted the organization Project Rescue as their philanthropy. Project Rescue works to fight sex trafficking.

After watching the video, a light clicked on in my head. I'll participate in Dressember to bring awareness and raise money for Project Rescue! My idea was to challenge my Alpha Omega Alumni sisters to wear dresses, too. For each dress they wore, they could post a photo to our Facebook group. For each photo, I donated $1 to Project Rescue.

It was a lot of fun to challenge myself to wear a dress every day. I was surprised by how many dresses I own. I also enjoyed seeing my friends who participated. They all have such a unique style and it was fun to see the dresses and outfits they shared.

By the end of the month, I had worn a dress 30 of the 31 days. I donated $100 to Project Rescue. I look forward to participating in Dressember again!

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