Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A little flocked

The whole reason I am back with a vengeance on this blog is that I am, once again, a full-time housewife! I could not be happier. I do feel a little guilty for not working while Charles is, but I'm trying to "earn my keep" by cooking, baking and cleaning...like every good housewife does. Sorry if that comes across as anti-feminist or too Donna Reid Show. I really do enjoy taking care of things around the house and Charles in no way expects me to be a Stepford wife. I'll have you know, he was the one doing most the cooking while I was working.

My last day of work was also fun because I was flocked! What the heck does that mean? (I know you're wondering). Well, the Officer Spouse Club here flocks yards as a fundraiser for their scholarship program. Someone (I have my suspicions, but no confirmation) had my yard flocked. I had no idea it was coming!

That morning Charles looked out the front window and said to me, "It must have been windy last night." I asked why and he replied, "Look what blew into our yard."

I was expecting to see some kid's toys or a lawn chair. It had been windy earlier in the week. But I looked out and saw a flock of flamingos. Well, I should say a flamboyance. That is supposedly the technical term for a gathering of flamingos. 

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