Thursday, October 23, 2014

Folsom breakout!

This past weekend was spent in Folsom for the Folsom Blues Breakout half marathon. Of course, I did not run a mile of that. But Charles woke up at the crack of dawn and finished I watched.

While in Folsom, you have to at least drive by Folsom prison. I did not realize until a few days before this mini trip that Folsom prison was still used as a prison. I thought the fact that it was a tourist attraction meant it was no longer in use. They have a teeny, tiny prison museum and you can take your picture in front of the iconic gate...which we did.

We also used our time in Folsom to do some shopping. Every weeknight I pick out my outfit for the next day. For the past weeks, I have been staring at my clothes and feeling completely uninspired. I needed some fresh items to mix it up a bit. Charles indulged my desire and I came away with some pretty cute items.

Not the best crossing the finish line picture I've taken, but I did what I could

The medal has a bottle opener on it...very fancy!

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