Sunday, September 7, 2014

Love on the Rocks

This weekend Charles and I participated in the 2nd annual Love on the Rocks trail run. There was a 5k option and a 10k option. Guess who did which race? If you guessed that I participated in the 5k and Charles completed the 10k then you would be correct!

The theme is a fun one. They have several team options--couples, groups of friends, family...all focused on love. At the end of the race, they were offering vow renewals. There was even a couple that came up from Los Angelos to get married afterward. We didn't stick around to watch, but what a fun idea!  

My time wasn't that great, but several parts of the trail were very rocky and tough. Plus I'm not a fast runner and ended up walking most of the time.
Charles finished before me and came back to meet up with me as I was coming up to the end of the race. How sweet!
Jamba Juice was one of the sponsors and gave out little cups of juice. Yummy!

Charles on the other hand finished 1st overall! He's so fast.
1st Overall male and female
Another medal to add to the collection

Afterward, we enjoyed brunch at Mom's. Yummy!

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