Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My materialistic side

I thoroughly enjoy shopping. It is even better when you can shop with a gift card or someone else's money. At the moment I have a bunch of gift cards from Christmas and my birthday burning a hole in my wallet. I have one gift card to Williams-Sonoma and I have NO IDEA what to buy with it. They have so much stuff. I was all set on a couple things but one was backordered until August. That is just too long to wait.

For my birthday, my parents gave me a great gift card to Home Goods! I love that place. I can't stand to clothes shop at T.J.Maxx and such. It is too overwhelming. But I can handle Home Goods. I went down yesterday with a plan. I wanted some new lamps and a new comforter/quilt for my bedroom.

Here's what I ended up with:
Our move gave me an excuse to get rid of the old plastic shower curtain we had in the guest bathroom. I found this teal/aqua and white one. I also purchased a new bathroom rug because the old one also went in the trash before the move. This one incorporates the colors we had before (green and yellow) but also adds the teal/aqua and navy in case we want to switch things up later.
I love my new lamp! I have been wanting one that I can put stuff in (like my buttons). If they had two I would have purchased both, but they only had one. I am thinking about putting a vinyl T on the outside.
We used to have a wicker basket under the side table. The kitties thought it was a secondary scratching post. I am thinking about making a liner for this basket, but I do not know how ambitious I am.
Since we have been making our own bread we have more flour--bread flour and whole wheat flour. I don't like to keep it in the bags. I found these great containers. A decent priced container is hard to come by.
I have been wanting a new comforter for a LONG time. The old one had some tears in it and was starting to look worn. I have been thinking about a grey comforter which is harder to find than you might think. The picture doesn't really do the color's slightly darker in person. This one has a great circle quilting pattern to it. Plus it is thinner than our old comforter; this will be nice in the summer when it is a million degrees here.

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