Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bored out of my mind

Without working, I am quite bored. Each day I've been doing a little off my to-do list and making trips around town. Usually I try to bunch together any trip I have to save gas, but at this point, I am just trying to kill some time.

I briefly looked at job postings yesterday for our new area and was disappointed by my findings. I hope the perfect job opens up for me at the time I need it.

I've been getting rid of quite a few things in preparation for the move. We've been holding on to all the boxes we used when we moved ourselves up here. Since the military is moving us, we didn't need to save them anymore. It feels really good to look at the empty space all those boxes took up.

There is one house that we have on our short list that (I think) I really want. I say I think because without seeing the neighborhood and the surrounding area I can't be 100% sure. But it has several fruit trees. It is a little more than we want to spend, but it looks like a lovely house from the pictures. Plus I think it has a swing set in the back. I love swinging. I told Charles that since we don't have kids, maybe the kitties can play on the play set. :)

Today I have our pre-move appointment. I'm not really sure what that involves, but it's the first step. On Tuesday the movers come to pack everything. And on Wednesday they load the truck. Plus, my husband flies into town on Wednesday! I'm most excited about that. Next Thursday our long drive to California starts. I am not looking forward to that, but it will be an experience.

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