Saturday, September 28, 2013

S'Mores Soirree

I've thought for a long time that someone should open up a shop specializing in s'mores. There are cupcake shops. Why not s'mores shops? I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to s'mores and all the lovely varieties I have found.

To make up for this lack of s'mores goodness in the world, I planned a S'Mores event as a resident event. We had traditional s'mores, of course. But we also tried some different things. Here's the rundown of everything we had:

- honey graham crackers
- cinnamon graham crackers
- chocolate graham crackers
- gluten-free graham crackers (they happened to be shaped like cookies, so I think some people too them without knowing they were gluten free)
- Hershey bars
- Mounds Bars
- Peanut butter cups (my personal favorite)
- Peppermint Patties
- Little Debbie Brownies

The event started at 7pm and there were a few people inside figuring out what they wanted. I walked outside to check on the fire and there were a WHOLE BUNCH of people outside waiting. I was truly amazed at the number of people that came out for this event. Typically an event like this will draw maybe 30 people at the most. But I'm pretty sure we had closer to 100 people (if not more) at this event. It made me very proud of myself. Halfway through I had to run to the store to get more supplies because we ran out of chocolate. Oops!

I did not even get a chance to take many pictures because I was so busy keeping all the goodies stocked.

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