Wednesday, April 17, 2013


For work I planned a Bake-Off as a resident event. Since I am also a resident I figured it would be OK if I participated. We had three categories--cake/brownies, cookies and pie. I entered one thing in each category:

Cake/brownies: Gooey Chocolate Brownies
Cookies: Lemon Glazed Cookies
Pie: Oatmeal Chocolate Pie

The Bake-Off was a hit! There were 10 entries in the cake category, 4 in cookies and 3 in pie. I ended up taking 2nd place in both the cookies and pie category.

It was really easy to set-up. This could be fun for a church, sorority or any other group event.

We gave out a first and second place prize in each category. The medals were ordered through We had them engraved with "The Properties at Wright Field." They turned out really great! First place also received a $25 gift card to Kroger. Second place was awarded a $15 Kroger gift card.
We had 4 judges, but residents could also place their votes.
Look at all those cakes! My brownies are the second item.
Pie A is mine! The third pie, Caramel Apple Pie, won first.
The cookies were super yummy! Mine are A.
Me and my prize!

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