Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our MN Trip

For Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Minneapolis and Northfield, MN. My sister, Courtney, graduated from St. Olaf College this weekend which is the main reason we visited.

Our flight was delayed about an hour getting out of OH due to bad weather over MN. But we made in to MN with very few bumps on the flight. We stayed at a nice French hotel chain, Sofitel. I highly recommend this hotel chain. The room was comfortable and the hotel was very chic. Lucky for us, we had a great deal from Priceline.

Friday was spent sightseeing. We ate breakfast at a neat little local place, the Zumbro. I had french toast and Charles had pancakes. We headed to the Mall of America and walked around that for a while. They had an H&M, so I was very happy.

After the mall, we visited a sculpture garden with the iconic spoon with a cherry sculpture. They had a bunch of neat pieces of art and a garden.

To end the evening, we went to a Twins baseball game. They played Detroit and since my Dad is a Michigan native, I was secretly cheering for them. They have a very nice park.

On Saturday, we spent the day in Nortfield. We visited my sister's school and the downtown area. We were going to listen to a lecture, but the chapel was packed. We ate lunch in the Caf; St. Olaf supposedly has the best cafeteria food in America. It was pretty good, but I think the selection was not as fancy as some of the things I've heard they have. They had a very nice "Illumination Ceremony" that we attended before going back to the hotel.

On Sunday, we had a full day. We woke up early for church. Then we went to an art reception at St. Olaf. We saw some of Courtney's artwork and some various other pieces. Afterward, there was a Jazz Brunch with some very tasty food. And after that was the big event--graduation!
St. Olaf holds their graduation outside. Unfortunately, this year's weather was sunny and quite warm (90+ degrees). For most of the ceremony, we were in the shade, but the sun moved. It was a nice ceremony. For dinner we ate Indian food and then got popsicles and ice cream at a local eatery.

We flew back to OH on Monday afternoon after a stop to walk around Lake Harriet.

We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in MN. I would recommend a visit for anyone. They have quite a bit to offer in Minneapolis from art to sports and many things in-between.

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