Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tourist in my own town

Since Cheryl has been visiting, we've been doing some typical touristy things here in town. Yesterday we went to the Air Force Museum. The museum is comprised of three old plane hangers. The first building holds the invention of planes through the end of WWI and then a huge section on WWII. Cheryl and I just walked around the first building and we were there for 2 hours. They have tons of planes all throughout and it's interesting to see how planes and flight have evolved.

Then we ate at Skyline Chili. It's a chain, but it's a Cinncinati based chain. Cheryl had chili over spaghetti...one of their trademark things. Then we sat in my backyard in the sunshine and read. The weather was absolutely perfect! Mid-70's and sunny with a slight breeze. That is my kind of weather!

Yesterday evening we did something extra fun. At one of the downtown restaurants they have a Mystery Dinner Theater. Since it was at a restaurant, everyone got a meal and the actors performed while we were eating. They mingled with us and engaged us. Charles even ended up being a character which was funny because before it started he kept saying "I hope they don't talk to me." At the end we had to guess who was the murderer. I guessed correctly! Cheryl won a prize for having one of the worst guesses which was funny. I highly recommend looking to see if there is anything like that wherever you may live. It was a blast!

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