Sunday, January 4, 2015

Time to start planning...

In college, I was in a Christian sorority called Alpha Omega. It was established in 1995. This year, the sorority celebrates twenty years since its beginning. With this milestone, we will be hosting a reunion. I have self-designated myself as head of the planning committee. I coordinated the fifteen year reunion with the help of some friends and it was a blast! Of course, last time I actually lived in my college town and not on the other side of the country, but I am still ready and excited to get moving on all my ideas. Next month at our annual Alumni Weekend we will figure out who wants to help out and what all our responsibilities will be.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from my Pinterest board for the event:

My friend thought it would be fun if we have 1995 themed Trivia. Doesn't that sound like fun?
I think this is such a beautiful centerpiece idea. I would swap the bird with sheep since that is our mascot.
I went to a "My Favorite Things" party a few months ago and knew it would be a nice addition to the Reunion Weekend. Everyone brings 5 of the same thing that they love. Everyone leaves with 5 different things.
I was trying to think of a way to recognize all the big life milestones people have experienced in the last five years. My idea is to have a ceremony where we give out flowers to represent each of these major life events. For example, if you have gotten married in the last five years you will get a red rose. If you have had a baby, you will receive another flower....etc.
I love this idea for a table runner made from photos.
This is another great photo idea that doesn't look like it will be very expensive to replicate.
This is a great verse for the event!

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