Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who says no one wins those things?

My husband is convinced that no one really wins those big prizes that companies give away. I have had my doubts, too, after entering contest after contest and coming away with nothing. However, that has changed recently!

I follow the Exchange on Facebook and they do contests ALL the time! It's amazing all the things they give away. Some are small prizes and some are big prizes. Well, I won one of those big prizes. I received a call from the Exchange about a week ago that said I was selected to win a room of furniture from Ashley Furniture. Wwwwhhhaaattt!!! I was so happy.

I knew one of the options would be bedroom furniture because that was pictured on the contest post. But I wasn't sure what my other options would be. When they sent me pictures of the rooms I could choose from I was blown away. There were so many options of all different styles. I was going back and forth between several. I even lost sleep thinking about this (I's pathetic). I didn't know it was going to be so hard to choose a free room of furniture.

I was all set on picking a living room set that came with a sectional, but in the end I went with a dining room set. We love our red couch in the living room and I am not ready to part with it. And I have been wanting real, adult dining room furniture. This gave me the opportunity.

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