Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for an update

We are officially moved into our new house! Everything went very smoothly and I love the place. There is still stuff all over the place and some boxes left to unpack, but everything has a home and a little extra wiggle room. I'm loving my giant master bathroom and closet. Plus I have a ton more counter space in the kitchen so I can really do some cooking and baking without feeling squished. I'll post pictures once everything is nice and neat.

On top of moving this week, I also started my new job. Day 1 was a little discouraging. I did not really care for the person training us. He was not very professional and talked about some topics that were not appropriate or relevant to our training. Today was much better, so I am looking forward to more positive days.

I found out that my neighbor is also my co-worker. She mentioned being in the middle of a move so we started talking about that and realized we are next door neighbors. What a small world! The other ladies I have met at work all seem very nice.

Now I really have to start thinking about these curtains (I say this as I look around the room and feel the need for some fabric!)

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