Friday, April 4, 2014

Even more Pinterest recipes!

I have been cooking up a storm again lately. Here are my latest recipes used.

Crispy Cheddar Chicken
I have seen so many different recipes on Pinterest for this one. I don't even remember exactly which one I followed. I did (well actually Charles) put the crackers and shredded cheese in my Magic Blender to crush together for one less step in the coating process. I saw that on one version of the recipe. I also had to adapt the sauce a little. I did not have any cream of chicken on hand. Instead I used some chicken broth, flour, pepper and sour cream. It tasted yummy! The chicken was delicious, too!

Muddy Buddy Cheeseball
I made this for a Book Club meeting which ended up being canceled right after I made the cheeseball. Luckily, we also have our church small group a couple days later so I just brought it then. Everyone loved it! It is very tasty. I have been snacking on it all week since. It makes a LOT.

Queso Taco Pasta Bake
I made this for dinner the night before. It took a lot of pots (one to make queso, one to cook pasta and one to cook the meat), but it was very tasty and easy to make! I used ground turkey instead of ground beef, of course.

Corn Dog Mini Muffins
I made these for my husband to bring to work for his co-workers to snack on. I honestly don't know what they tasted like because I did not try one. I was lazy and used Jiffy cornbread mixes. They were cute and would be great for a kid's birthday party.

Carrot Coconut Cake
I have never before made a carrot cake. I saw this recipe and it just looked so light and yummy. I had to try it! I ended up making one big sheet cake for convenience. Plus it is just Charles and me eating it, so why make more work for myself? I did have to bake it for an extra 15ish minutes. It has great flavor and texture! I also did not have any cream cheese, so I just made vanilla buttercream frosting.

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