Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Recap

My friend Morgan over at Monogram Addict just posted her 2013 Year in Review. I thought I would copy her. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?
In February I celebrated my 27th Birthday!
We visited the Ohio Caverns
We had our annual Alumni Weekend for Alpha Omega
I planned a successful Mardi Gras party for the PWF Residents

I won two awards at the PWF Bake-Off!

I miss my PWF family
In May, I visited Maxwell AFB for Charles' OTS graduation

We visited the Englewood Metropark was Charles was home after OTS

I got a new car!

We enjoyed our TX 4th of July weekend

In July I hosted Cheryl, Jenn and Hallie in Dayton

I was Mount Pleasant bound in August to see my parent's new house
I attempted a 5k in September while visited Texas
Angela and I completed the Color Me Rad 5k in early October
I was blessed to witness the proposal by Matt!

Made the long drive to California

We picked a house!
The Railroad Museum in Sacramento was really cool
We splurged and purchased some new bedroom furniture!
Christmas was spent in the Charleston area with family
While downtown, you have to stop by the Battery!
Grits and Giggles named a pattern after me!

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