Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My life feels uber boring lately. I've been watching a lot of Netflix. Confession: I am working my way through all seasons of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. They fascinate me for some reason. It is definitely a guilty pleasure TV show.

Because I did not work yesterday for Memorial Day, I finally made it to Hobby Lobby for some much needed scrapbooking supplies! (I just typed that whole sentence without looking because my cat was in my lap and in the way and I did not make any mistakes...go me!). Now, I have to actually use the supplies to get some pages done.

Memorial Day weekend was a big bummer. For a long holiday weekend, a trip is usually to be had. With Charles being in Texas and me being here a trip just wasn't feasible. Therefore, I spent it home.

I am definitely feeling a trip to the beach is in order. My vacation time kicks back in next week, but it is only a mere six days. Last year I used it up by the middle of December. I'm expecting the same thing this year. 

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