Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not my favorite week

This week was not horrible in the grand scheme of things, but it was not my favorite week.

My check engine light came on Monday night, but it did go away on Thursday night. I told my friend Casey that her driveway has magical powers. The light was on when I got to her house, but then was off when I left. Thank goodness! I had been avoiding taking it in. Hopefully it was a false alarm and will not be back on for a while.

Mainly it was a week full of missing my husband. Yesterday afternoon I saw some guys walk by the house carrying a frisbee and it made me miss him. He plays ultimate frisbee. It is all the little things that make you miss someone more and more.

And lastly, the winter weather will not end! We are supposed to get inches of snow today and I'm just done. I wish I could escape somewhere warm. I want to wear sandals and no more coats.

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