Monday, March 18, 2013

My arch nemesis

Before my husband left for training, I seriously considered buying a new (or at least new to me) car. I figured a newer car would be more reliable and give me less to worry about while he was gone. I was so close to buying a really cute grey, Toyota Yaris. If the dealership did not close early on Saturdays, I would probably be driving that car now. However, we decided the time was not right and did not want to rush into a decision.

About a month before he left, the check engine light came on. The fuel pump relay was replaced and we thought all was good for the time being.

Last Wednesday night, the check engine light came on. This time it was the air flow sensor. I also had an oil leak that was fixed. Grand total = about $700.

Guess what happened tonight? The check engine light came on! This was after an already crappy day. To be honest, my day was not legitimately crappy before this happened, but I was just in a bad mood all day.

So I am back to seriously considering purchasing a new car again. This time, my husband will not be able to assist me. I keep having to remind myself that my life is pretty good and if this is the worst of my problems, then I should count myself really lucky.

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