Sunday, February 3, 2013

I love birthdays!

On Friday, I celebrated my 27th birthday. The joke at work was that I just turned 18 since everyone thinks I look younger than I am. I'm not complaining.

My husband woke up early and made me breakfast. I love him! He had decorated the house with streamers and birthday banners, too.

At work, they made me wear a crown. People kept giving me funny looks when they walked in the door to pay their rent. It was kind of funny. They also got me a cake. With my birthday being on the 1st, it was a little hectic since a lot of people came in to pay rent and renew their leases. I also got through the day with three rentals! I haven't had that many rentals in one day since this summer. It has been really slow lately.

Birthday evening we went out to dinner. We visited Young's Dairy; they have really yummy food! The best thing is probably the Sweet Potato Bread they give you as an appetizer. They also have delicious fried cheese curds. Fried cheese curds are similar to mozzarella sticks, but with chedder cheese.

When we got home, we watched a movie on Netflix and enjoyed some tasty red velvet cake! I also opened my presents. Even though I told Charles he did not have to get me anything (and I really meant it) he still got me a few things.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday and could not ask for more.

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