Sunday, December 9, 2012

New friend

In April, it will be two years that we have lived here. In that course of time, it has been very difficult for me to make friends. I work with some great ladies (and guys) at my job, but we don't really hang out outside of work. I did go to Trivia Night with Kelcey this past week and that was a blast! We lost horribly, but it was hilarious!

Through my job I meet a ton of people. Some are new to the area. Some are nice and some are not as nice. There have been some people that I thought would be fun to befriend, but I never know how to make that jump. I'm not an outgoing kind of person.

One girl that I recently helped has become my new friend. She came by the office and just started chatting with me and friended me on FB. I'm kind of excited to actually have a friend that I made on my own. We hang out with Charles' friends and they are all great, but the idea of having my own is nice, too.

It's funny that I've made a friend just at the moment we find out that eventually we will be moving. I guess that is always a possibility in the military. But we know for sure within the next year, we'll be PCSed. I guess that's the life.

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