Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm still alive

The month of December has been quite busy for me. Since my last post, we drove down to South Carolina for a wedding and visited Texas for Christmas.

The wedding was beautiful and it was nice to be down South again. I'm really excited to see the pictures the photographers took. Cheryl has posted a few that she got from their website. I know the rest will be amazing!

At work we had our Christmas party. The office exchanged presents and I got a beautiful make up bag and gift card to Maurices. If you have never heard of Maurices, they have very cute clothes! We also did a White Elephant exchange with everyone else in maintenance. The gift I picked was an emergency car care set. Very handy! It was a fun get-together with great food and laughs.

Christmas was nice and warm. I got some amazing stuff for Christmas and Charles really enjoyed everything I got for him. My favorite present received is probably the Pan Am bag my sister gave me. It is awesome!

When we flew back into Dayton there was about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground. We haven't had that much snow the whole time we've lived here. It snowed a few more inches last night so everything is white. It is really pretty, but it makes me a little nervous to drive in. I need new tires.

I'll update with some pictures once I get around to uploading them.

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