Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

With summer in full swing, Charles and I are considering buying some patio furniture for our patio in the backyard. We would love to sit outside and enjoy the view. Here are a few things we are considering.

This is considered a gazebo for your grill...seems kind of stupid if you think about it that way. But we would use it as shade for our patio. And it looks a lot bigger in person than in the picture. Plus, it's on sale right now!

This was my original idea for the patio. I love a good lounge chair. Charles doesn't like to sit out in the sun, so he's not a big fan of getting these without any shade.

This is what we are seriously considering. The only thing that is holding us back from buying one is that lack of space in our car to get it home. And Lowes would ship it for $70, but that was ridiculous!

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