Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Planning

My husband's birthday is on Friday, so I am starting to plan for it. So far, I have the gift(s) all figured out and taken care of. The only thing I still need to get is birthday wrapping paper. We have tons of Christmas paper and I know he wouldn't mind if his gifts were wrapped in Snowman or Santa paper, but I mind. Birthday wrapping paper never seems to last long in my house. I have no idea why because we basically only use it twice a year--my birthday and Charles'.

He finally decided on the flavor cake he would like. He likes to stump or challenge me with birthday cakes. The past two years have come out less than beautiful, but still edible. This year he would like layers of brownie with cookie dough in the middle and covered with peanut butter icing. Sounds pretty tasty! I just have to execute that. Luckily, Pinterest has offered many suggestions for cookie dough that do not contain eggs (he wants eggless since it will be sitting out in our cake stand).

The only other thing that I have to do is figure out how I want to decorate for his birthday. I may need more streamers...otherwise he's getting pink decorations. I don't think he would appreciate that as much as I would.

His birthday is on the same day as a big annual event at the base. It's called the Tattoo and features music, flyovers and fireworks. It's also supposed to be really hot for OH. Ugh! So I'm not sure if he'll want to head out with thousands of people and see what the event has to offer or if we'll go out to eat and watch the fireworks from our house. He has yet to decide. But I'm sure whatever he chooses will not involve me cooking dinner. Thank goodness!

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