Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some things I've tried

One of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to things I have done. They include things I have done in the past year through my blog and things I have found on Pinterest and later attempted. I thought it would be fun to share some of my Pinterest finds and attempts.

To the left is Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip. My husband and I hosted some of his friends at our house and I found this dip and thought I should try it out. Charles was pretty disgusted with the idea and after much debate in the grocery store, he gave in and let me get all the ingredients to make it.

It turned out pretty good. It tasted just like a cheese burger. Charles kept comparing it to throwing a cheeseburger in a blender and serving it. That makes it sound kind of gross. I bought already sliced baguette pieces, but later I ate it with potato chips. I liked the potato chips better.


To the right is Nutella Stuffed French Toast. It is very easy to make! And it's a nice way to vary your French Toast experience. I love Nutella and I love French Toast, so it was a good combination. I think it would have been even better with some berries, though.


The idea of EASY and NO BAKE peanut butter bars was just too good to resist! These are definitely easy to make. They weren't as sweet as I would like, but I have a major sweet tooth. And part of it may be the peanut butter we use...all natural. I've made these twice now--once for my husband and me and once for my office. When I brought them into work, everyone raved about them all day long. And all but two were left at the end.


This was my most disappointing endeavor so far. There is a restaurant we LOVE where we used to live. It's like fast food Japanese. I always go there and order Teriyaki chicken. On the side is rice with broccoli and sweet carrots. And of course it comes with a great shrimp and steak sauce. We went there so often that the guys that worked there remembered our usual. It was nice to have that kind of place.

Anyway, since we've moved, we miss it so much. And I wanted to try and recreate the meal. I found this sauce on Pinterest and was really excited to try it. But it was a major flop. The sauce was really easy to make, but it just had zero flavor. I have another recipe pinned, but I haven't compared them to see if it will be any better. Luckily, my friend is getting married in December which gives us an excuse to go down there and have the best Teriyaki chicken meal.

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