Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dry spell and life update

Hello husband! (sometimes I think he's the only one who reads all my blog posts) ha ha. Anyway, I thought I would give a little life update since this is kind of a virtual scrapbook/journal of my life.

Charles has returned from his almost three week long vacation! It is very nice to have him home. He arrived home last Thursday night. I had to pick him up at the airport at 11:30pm which wasn't the best considering I worked the next day and I am an old lady who goes to bed at 10pm. His face was scruffy and his hair was a little long. I love that he is in the Air Force because he has to keep his hair short and facial hair is non-existent.

Charles brought me a bunch of goodies back from his trip. He got me a bunch of chocolate and candy from all the places he went. He got a few ornaments. Our travel souvenir thing is ornaments and he picked out some really nice ones. And he brought me a really pretty candle holder from Iceland with real volcanic ash in the glass.

This weekend, we did some yard work. We planted a peach tree in our backyard. I did barely anything to get that accomplished. We also planted some more flowers in the front and got a little fence. Now we just have to plant some flower seeds that I got for Easter and we'll be all set for now.

Charles coaches a coach pitch team. They had a game last night. They are not very good. I think they had one or two runs and the other team had 7. But they had fun and that's all that matters for 6 and 7 year olds. 

Work has been slow for me. I've hit a dry spell. I had a couple people I was expecting to rent apartments from me, but they all fell through. This month, we split into teams. Usually we all work towards the same goal and we still are. But this month, we're going to see which teams secure the most rentals. I have two people on my team--Lisa and Laura. I've named us Team KILL. It's been fun to have a little meaningless competition with trash talk. But in the end, we all make our goal together so the teams don't really matter.

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