Monday, April 9, 2012

Low key Easter

Happy belated Easter! My Easter was fantastic and low key. Of course, we went to church. We've been slackers about going to church since we moved here. And it was funny that the sermon was on the same passage of the Bible as the last time we went to church a couple months ago (yes, we haven't been to church in a couple months). I told Charles that God must want us to really learn something from that passage. I don't know if I really learned anything different, but who knows!

Afterward, we came home and Charles made some ribs on the grill. We enjoyed the beautiful sunny day by sitting on our patio and letting the kitties play outside. They are typically indoor cats, but every once in a while, we'll let them outside to roam around (under close supervision). Calvin enjoyed sliding under our neighbor's fences so he was just out of reach. And Hobbes watched the birds fly around.

Easter dinner was delicious and consisted of ribs, "smashed" potatoes (aka. twice baked potatoes made into mashed potatoes) and fruit. Nothing fancy, but still delicious.

Charles and I always have Easter baskets for each other. In his family, his parents hid the baskets, so he likes us to do that. Last year I stumped him and this year was pretty good too. I hung his basket on a hanger that had one of his coats covering it. He looked right at it twice before I gave him some hints and he realized it was there. He hid my basket in the back of our recliner. I would have never found it without a big hint. It's a fun tradition and challenges us to find better hiding places each year. 

After such a relaxing weekend, it was very hard to get up for work this morning. But the weather is still beautiful and another weekend is just around the corner.

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