Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

It's been a while since I've done a Wednesday Wishlist. Today's is kind of an abstract version of a wishlist because it's not really tangible.

Some days, I wish that I could say exactly what was on my mind without feeling guilty or having any of the repercussions of being mean.

For example, sometimes you come in contact with grumpy people. They are grumpy towards you and you know it wasn't your fault, but it still makes you grumpy, too. Sometimes wouldn't it be nice to just tell someone they're being grumpy and they need an attitude adjustment?

Wouldn't it be nice to tell your boss to stop micromanaging and do their own job?

Or I deal with some picky people sometimes. And some of the things they are picky about are really dumb. Sometimes I just want to tell them they are stupid and to get over whatever it is they are being particular about.

Of course if these thoughts ever did burst out, I would feel horribly guilty, would probably get fired and be dealing with a lot of other issues. But for that one second, it would feel so glorious and cathartic.

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