Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Night Owl Crafting has posted another Hoo Are You? I cannot resist answering questions about myself. Weird hobby, but whatever. :)

1. Are you married/in a relationship? How long?
I have been happily married for over 3 years now. And we've been together for about 7 years. I'm thankful every day that we found each other.

2. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
I have no idea. I love Valentine's Day; it is one of my favorite holidays. I think, while you should tell people you love them everyday, Valentine's Day is a good reminder that we should tell the people we love that we love them. With that said, I have no plans for the day. We'll probably do what we do every night. We like to stock up on candy the next day when it is all on sale.

3. Do you have any Valentine's traditions?
Not really. I just put up my Valentine's decorations and we usually exchange something small like a card and some candy.

4. What is your favorite Valentine's candy?
My favorite candy anytime is Reese's peanut butter cups. Not the miniature ones; they taste different.

5. Name three things that you love:
- My husband
- My kitties
- When people RSVP to things in a timely manner (totally random, but I'm currently planning an alumni weekend and wishing more people RSVPed, even with a no, on time)

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