Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pretty Excited

I'm getting pretty excited because this weekend is the big Alumni Weekend with my college sorority! I've been planning this weekend for a few month's now and it's all coming together beautifully.

On Friday, I'm flying down to SC (yeah!) and getting the last few things I'll need for the weekend's events. That evening, we're having a catered dinner. Last year when we had the dinner, 10 people were able to come. This year, I have 13 people RSVPed which is really awesome! My goal is to increase that number each year.

Saturday will be a little busy with 4 events throughout the day, but I'm happy with the number of people coming. We're going to have a craft night on Saturday and I hope the craft will go as well with a group as it did with my test project.

I'm most excited to spend time with my college friends and catch up with them. We are all so busy and I stink at calling people, so it will be a good time to find out what's been going on with them. My good friend, Cheryl, got engaged a couple months ago and I'm finally going to get all the details on the proposal and the wedding planning.

Now I just have to figure out what clothes I want to pack...that's the hard part.

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